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Training Events

Team Building

November 04, 2014 ~ Olympia

A well-functioning team not only produces more results for the organization but is a great motivator for the employees. Supervisors and managers who possess the skill of building teams achieve their goals and objectives. This workshop provides the knowledge and skills for supervisors and managers to create a work environment where employees work together to reach common goals.

Customer Service: Vocal Vitality ~ Train the Trainer

November 06, 2014 ~ Everett

**Customer Service: Vocal Vitality Course for the Dispatch Training Program** This is module two of the Dispatch Training Program, there are six modules in all. In order to complete the Dispatcher Training Program, this course is essentially mandatory. This 1-day workshop is designed especially to prepare trainers to teach Strengthening Customer Service through Vocal Flexibility. This is a fast-moving, fun, and interactive course that will stretch your platform and facilitation skills - all-the-while making you a more effective communicator and leader. The first ½ day will include participating in the full course as a student, and examining the materials and tools of the course. The second-half of the day will be train-backs, coaching, and skill mastery. At the completion of the course, you will be able to: • Strengthen your verbal communication and vocal mastery and teach others to do so • Develop the sound of poise and professionalism in others’ verbal communication • Teach this course effectively to others

EPA 608 - Rescheduled

November 14, 2014 ~ Lakewood

The EPA 608 training module includes instruction and the certification test . The instruction includes information on the pertinent regulations, refrigerants, and changes to them. It also includes HVAC system diagnostics, operation, and servicing.

Labor Law Update Webinar

November 18, 2014 ~ Online

Managing employees effectively and legally is a challenge given the ever-changing landscape of labor and employment laws. Every month seems to bring us new statutes and new court or agency decisions that affect an employer’s relationships with its employees. In this webinar, we will take a high-level look at a range of recent developments in the labor and employment arena, including those related to discrimination, leave entitlements, use of independent contractors, employee social media use and PERC decisions.

Project Management for Non-Profits Webinar

November 19, 2014 ~ Online

This webinar describes how project management processes can improve your organization’s results by improving the use of scarce resources and response to changing conditions. Basic project management, tools, techniques and processes provide a framework that results in better project schedule and cost performance while delivering the desired product. The webinar will introduce basic project management concepts as well as demonstrate several tools and techniques that are useful in project initiation and planning.

Managing Multiple Generations

December 10, 2014 ~ Olympia

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace today is managing generations of workers who have very different perspectives. Each generation, from seniors postponing retirement, to Baby Boomers, to Generation X, to the new entrants into the workforce arrives with different values and expectations. Friction occurs when individuals don’t understand the behaviors and attitudes of those from different age groups. “Managing Multiple Generations” explores the differences in generational attitudes and values towards work, and helps managers develop solid practices to integrate all groups into a cohesive team.

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