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Training Events

Managing Multiple Generations

July 30, 2014 ~ Olympia

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace today is managing generations of workers who have very different perspectives. Each generation, from seniors postponing retirement, to Baby Boomers, to Generation X, to the new entrants into the workforce arrives with different values and expectations. Friction occurs when individuals don’t understand the behaviors and attitudes of those from different age groups. “Managing Multiple Generations” explores the differences in generational attitudes and values towards work, and helps managers develop solid practices to integrate all groups into a cohesive team.

TSI Bus System Safety

August 11- 15, 2014 ~ Everett

This course presents a formalized, standard approach to bus system safety concepts and program plans. Participants will receive instruction and guidance in developing and implementing a transit bus System Safety Program Plan which is critical to bus system safety. Course Elements • Core system safety elements; enhanced system safety elements suggested by the FTA • Safety climate and the impact on safety performance • Consequences of accidents and incidents • Heinrich Ratio • System safety; System safety as a management discipline • Management and engineering principles; Hazard identification and resolution • Components of the system safety management process • Roles and activities for the safety unit and safety committee • System Safety Program Plan (SSPP) content requirements • Employee selection criteria • Vehicles, facilities, equipment and system • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • Safety and security Activities • Threat and vulnerability analyses • Emergency/All-hazards management • Exercise: informal site audit (PPE required: leather upper, flat sole shoes) • Pretest, quiz, final exam

Risk Management Basics Webinar

August 11, 2014 ~ N/A

John Chino with Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services will present an interactive webinar on the basics of Risk Management. Topics covered will include: • Components of the risk management process • The direct & indirect cost of risk • The benefits of risk management • Current loss trends in county operations and transit properties • Risk avoidance techniques

Successfully Managing People and Performance Evaluations

September 15, 2014 ~ Olympia

This training will focus on the importance of doing effective performance management and delineate the purpose of a coaching or counseling session. Participants will learn how to give meaningful feedback about an employee’s performance/behavior; how to prepare and write a performance evaluation; how to communicate with difficult, reluctant, or emotional employees and how to set performance goals and incorporate development. You will be given techniques for making the process of recording performance management less painful Seminar attendees are welcome to bring sample documents of the employer’s (with permission) performance, coaching, counseling forms to reference during the seminar.

Coaching: Strategic Tools for Effective Leadership

September 16, 2014 ~ Olympia

Unconventional times call for extraordinary leadership skills and courage. In 2011 and beyond, transportation professionals have a unique opportunity to move into a very influential role; developing others through strategic coaching influence. This session offers a new strategy to those tasked with motivating, changing and effectively leading others; a powerful and proven solutions-based coaching approach. Participants will learn coaching solutions to the most common dilemmas facing today’s supervisor or manager. This interactive session will – for the first time - introduce four stages of developing peak performance and how to resolve resistance at every stage. Each participant will walk away with an authentic coaching approach based on real values and in a language we can all understand.

Legal Issues for Supervisors

September 17- 18, 2014 ~ Olympia

This day and a half training session will equip supervisors with the skills needed to effectively manage personnel while minimizing the legal risk to your agency and/or themselves. The laws relating to public employment have changed dramatically over the last decade and the risks associated with not complying with these laws have increased. This training will draw on real life experiences involving transit agencies from throughout the State of Washington.

Emergency Response and Planning Class

September 23, 2014 ~ Everett

Risk, Safety, Security, Emergency and Crisis Management Planning in Response to Earthquakes and other Natural Disasters This course will cover how to undertake recovery operations due to emergencies and other natural disasters. You will review operating in a unified command environment and gain an understanding of self-sufficiency requirements. Included is also a review of local, state, and federal emergency plans.

Accident Investigation Refresher (1-day)

October 09, 2014 ~ Spokane

This workshop will offer an overview of various techniques for conducting an at-scene investigation of collisions involving transit and other vehicles. The training will consist of identifying tools of the trade, analyzing damage and debris, and interpreting and measuring marks on the road. To better prepare participants in documenting collisions, there will also be instruction on constructing field sketches and taking collision photographs. This will be a one day updated version of previous collision investigation training sponsored by WSTTC.

Team Building

November 04, 2014 ~ Olympia

A well-functioning team not only produces more results for the organization but is a great motivator for the employees. Supervisors and managers who possess the skill of building teams achieve their goals and objectives. This workshop provides the knowledge and skills for supervisors and managers to create a work environment where employees work together to reach common goals.

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