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Training Events

Accident Investigations - 2 day (Everett)

February 24- 25, 2016 ~ Everett

This two-day seminar is an overview of the fundamentals of transit collision investigation. The training will be conducted in a classroom and include outdoor lecture, demonstration, and a multimedia format with opportunities for questions and comments from the participants. Participants in this seminar will acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of transit vehicle collision investigation, the tools and techniques necessary to conduct the investigation, and suggestions on how to use the results of an investigation for accident review and prevention purposes where applicable. Participation in the entire seminar is essential to tie the various instructional blocks together in a meaningful manner. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING A CALCULATOR WITH A SQUARE ROOT KEY

NTI Orientation to Transit Procurement

March 08- 11, 2016 ~ Everett

The first of a four-part series *, this three and a half-day foundational course is an overview of transit procurement and emphasizes "best practices" for contract procurements by FTA grantees. This revised procurement course will focus on good procurement business practices and policies from a broader industry perspective. The course introduces minimum standards for individual agency practices as described in the FTA Circular 4220.1F, and the Master Agreement and provides participants with a framework for examining basic issues pertaining to third-party contracting. This training covers the roles and responsibilities of contracting parties and will explore opportunities for teaming/partnering internally and with transit suppliers. Specific problem areas that may emerge during the procurement process will be identified and addressed. The Best Practices Procurement Manual and Circular 4220.1F are referenced throughout the course. This course is conducted utilizing exercises, case studies, and other interactive training activities. * It is highly recommended that the four procurement courses be taken in the following order: Orientation to Transit Procurement, Risk Assessment and Basic Cost or Price Analysis, RFP's and Competitive Contract Negotiations, and Contract Administration. Topics include, but are not limited to: •Procurement "Best Practices" •Teaming and Partnering •Organization of the Procurement Function •Functions and Principles of Procurement •Acquisition Planning •Option Year, Piggy-backing, and Cross-Border Leasing •Writing Specifications and Statements of Work •General Contract Provisions •Procurement Integrity •Debriefing and Protests •FTA's Role in the Procurement Process

TRAIN THE TRAINER: Principles of Scheduling Dispatch Program Module 6

March 31- April 01, 2016 ~ Lakewood

This two-day training session is designed especially to prepare trainers to teach Module Six of the Dispatch Training Program entitled Principles of Scheduling. Each participant will learn how to deliver the Principles of Scheduling course to their dispatchers. The course is designed for teaching dispatchers the principles of problem solving and decision-making, and how to prioritize for win-win results. This course also covers effective time management techniques. Participants will spend the first day in learning the training material and the second day in presenting and showing their mastery of their instructional skills to the class. This course will utilize all the skills and techniques from the previous train-the-trainer courses, as it is the most instructor-dependent. The course is content heavy, yet rich in transferrable skills for both the dispatcher and the instructor. Each participant will enjoy one-on-one coaching and mentoring from our two top-notch trainers and will show their stuff to the other participants in a real-world training setup. This TRAIN THE TRAINER course is designed to: • Teach you to teach this course effectively to others • Increase your confidence in your public presentation and facilitation skills • Easily facilitate interactive games, discussions, and group activities • Utilize PowerPoint and visual aids effectively Each participant will enjoy one-on-one coaching and mentoring from our two top-notch trainers and will show their stuff to the other participants in a real-world training setup. For those that have completed all six modules, there will be a graduation ceremony and certificates of completion will be delivered. Is there a pre-requisite for attending this class? YES! Participants must have completed Module One, Effective One-on-One Training. As with all the modules, the participant knows they must “train back” and show their training proficiency during class. The participant is open to critique and wishes to improve their facilitation, public-speaking and presentation skills. A special notice to individuals that have taken this course before: if you feel like you need a refresher on this or any of the modules, we would be happy to have you back. Your registration fee is waived.

Plain Talk: Effective Business Writing

April 05, 2016 ~ Spokane

This course blends the most crucial elements of the Plain Talk and Clear Business Writing Skills courses into one jam-packed day! Get an overview of all the relevant tools and skills you need to communicate well in the workplace. Whether you write reports, letters, memos, emails, policies, or minutes – this course has something for you! • Use mostly short sentences. • Choose your vocabulary based on your audience. • Organize ideas logically for quick understanding. • Condense and clarify through mostly active verbs. • Review grammar principles that ensure clarity. • Put your punctuations marks in the right places. • Edit to be precise and reader-friendly. • Format to put your key ideas on display.

TSI Substance Abuse Management and Program Compliance

April 19- 21, 2016 ~ Bellingham

Gain knowledge to evaluate and self-assess an agency substance abuse program, regulatory compliance, and receive an overview of Safety Management Systems (SMS) principles. Learn about FTA substance abuse management policies and procedures, as well as industry best practices and contractor/service agent oversight procedures. At the end of this course, participants have a better understanding of substance abuse management and the required elements of an effective drug and alcohol program. Course Elements • Introduction to SMS Principles • Available technical assistance materials • The FTA audit process and common deficiencies • Required drug and alcohol policy content and communications • Contractor and service agent oversight, checklist review, and action plans • Drug testing procedures, specimen collection, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, DHHS certified labs, MRO procedures, checklist review, and action plan • Alcohol test procedures, breath test, saliva test, checklist review, and action plans • Procedures for substance abuse professional referral • The six safety-sensitive employee testing categories • Training requirements for safety-sensitive employees and supervisors • Recordkeeping, record retention and maintenance, information disclosure, reporting, checklist review • Discussion, case studies, pretest, final exam

Safety and Training Trainer's Showcase

May 03- 04, 2016 ~ SeaTac

This two day conference is intended to attract transit trainers to be participants to see different training programs from our respective transit agencies showcased. There will be 10 workshops during the two days where transit agency trainers will showcase their best training program. All meals are included in your registration fee. We would just like to get an accurate count for meals, so please fill out the email confirmation you will receive that asks you about meals.

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