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Training Events

Principles of Scheduling: Train-the-Trainer

April 30- May 01, 2015 ~ Everett

This 2-day workshop is designed especially for trainers who will teach and facilitate Principles of Scheduling. This course will utilize all the skills and techniques from the previous train-the-trainer courses, because it will be the most instructor-dependent. The course is content heavy, yet rich in transferrable skills for both the dispatcher and the instructor. The first day will include participating in the full course as a student, plus training techniques, application tips, and utilization of the specific training tools utilized in the previous five (5) courses of the Dispatcher Training Program. Day two will be all hands-on train-backs, coaching, and skill mastery.

Safety and Training Transit Trainer's Showcase

May 05- 06, 2015 ~ Sea-Tac

This two day conference is intended to attract transit trainers to be participants to see different training programs from our respective transit agencies showcased. There will be 10 workshops during the two days where transit agency trainers will showcase their best training program. All meals are included in your registration fee. We would just like to get an accurate count for meals, so please fill out the email confirmation you will receive that asks you about meals.

Verbal SWAT: Strategies With Authority & Tact

May 22, 2015 ~ Lakewood

A training seminar for employees in learning de-escalation skills while not compromising safety! This workshop will be interactive, educational and inspiring while challenging you on poor communication skills you may not even recognize you have. It will bring you a heightened awareness and knowledge in how to de-escalate a confrontational person while recognizing when your safety may be at risk and will leave you wanting to test your new skills! You will learn verbal self-management tools, understand both verbal and non-verbal communication cues and how they might be signaling that violence is about to occur, learn the A, B, C's of emotional control, engage in Proactive Pre-Interview Calming Strategies (PICS)and much more!

Developing and Managing RFP's/RFQ's

June 03, 2015 ~ Olympia

Use of a Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Qualifications (RFQs) requires a different mindset and skills than managing an invitation to bid, where selection is based solely upon price. Join Mike Purdy in this one day class that will provide an overview of the process, requirements, strategies, risks, and tools to use in successfully developing and managing the selection of consultants, service providers, and vendors through an RFP and RFQ. In addition to covering the selection process, we will discuss the differences between RFPs and RFQs, examine specific Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requirements, and consider strategies and tools to manage the negotiation and contracting process. We will examine how to ensure your agency ends up selecting the right firm for each procurement that will result in the best value for your agency and the public.

TSI Transit Supervisor Certification Course

July 27- 31, 2015 ~ Spokane

This course is designed to assist new and veteran front line supervisors to effectively implement their human resource management responsibilities. The fundamentals and regulatory responsibilities of supervision will be addressed, as well as day-to-day operations. Course Elements • Fundamentals of supervision • Communication • Delegation • Performance evaluations • Customer service • Ethics in the workplace • Americans with Disabilities Act • Equal Employment Opportunity • Family Medical Leave Act • Prevention of sexual harassment • Reasonable suspicion • Scheduling and dispatch • Emergency management • Vehicle troubleshooting • Discipline and grievance procedures • Tabletop exercises • Pretest, quiz, final exam

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