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Training Events

Budgeting and Revenue Forecasting

March 04, 2015 ~ Everett

The Budgeting and Revenue Forecasting class will review the different approaches used in budgeting for local governments in Washington State. We'll also explore revenue forecasting methodologies and resources that might be of interest. The class will look at different ways to enhance budgets with performance metrics, community based input and other evolving trends. Participants will learn "best practices" in budgeting and interact around ways to implement new tools.

Stress Management: Train the Trainer

March 18, 2015 ~ Richland

This 1-day workshop is designed to teach, prepare, and equip trainers to flex their instructional skills and facilitative techniques. The training session is experiential, self-evaluative, and cognitive in its design, and takes the learner to yet a higher level of execution as an instructor. The course identifies ways of handling personal, situational, and organizational stress; helps differentiate the good stress from the bad stress for dispatchers; and identifies appropriate tools and resources for the effective management of that stress. The first ½ day will include participating in the full course as a student, and examining the materials and exercises. The second-half of the day will be train-backs, coaching, and skill mastery.

Emergency Response: Train the Trainer

March 19, 2015 ~ Richland

This 1-day workshop is designed to teach, prepare, and equip trainers to facilitate the learning activities and connect students to resources that increase their ability to build positive relationships with 911 and emergency responders. It will prepare trainers for instructing dispatchers in handling the unexpected with calm, poise, and appropriate responses that will not only bring help, but build positive professional relationships. Many of the references and teaching techniques in this course build on previous train-the-trainer sessions. Designed as a 6-hour workshop, the first 3 hours will include participating in the full course as a student, and examining the materials and exercises. The second 3-hours will be train-backs, coaching, and skill mastery.

Accident Investigations - 2 day (Spokane)

April 01- 02, 2015 ~ Spokane

This two-day seminar is an overview of the fundamentals of transit collision investigation. The training will be conducted in a classroom and include outdoor lecture, demonstration, and a multimedia format with opportunities for questions and comments from the participants. Participants in this seminar will acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of transit vehicle collision investigation, the tools and techniques necessary to conduct the investigation, and suggestions on how to use the results of an investigation for accident review and prevention purposes where applicable. Participation in the entire seminar is essential to tie the various instructional blocks together in a meaningful manner. PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING A CALCULATOR WITH A SQUARE ROOT KEY

Principles of Scheduling: Train-the-Trainer

April 30- May 01, 2015 ~ Everett

This 2-day workshop is designed especially for trainers who will teach and facilitate Principles of Scheduling. This course will utilize all the skills and techniques from the previous train-the-trainer courses, because it will be the most instructor-dependent. The course is content heavy, yet rich in transferrable skills for both the dispatcher and the instructor. The first day will include participating in the full course as a student, plus training techniques, application tips, and utilization of the specific training tools utilized in the previous five (5) courses of the Dispatcher Training Program. Day two will be all hands-on train-backs, coaching, and skill mastery.

TSI Transit Supervisor Certification Course

July 27- 31, 2015 ~ Spokane

This course is designed to assist new and veteran front line supervisors to effectively implement their human resource management responsibilities. The fundamentals and regulatory responsibilities of supervision will be addressed, as well as day-to-day operations. Course Elements • Fundamentals of supervision • Communication • Delegation • Performance evaluations • Customer service • Ethics in the workplace • Americans with Disabilities Act • Equal Employment Opportunity • Family Medical Leave Act • Prevention of sexual harassment • Reasonable suspicion • Scheduling and dispatch • Emergency management • Vehicle troubleshooting • Discipline and grievance procedures • Tabletop exercises • Pretest, quiz, final exam

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