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Training Events

Basic Bus Electrical

August 31, 2016 ~ Lakewood

This is a Basic Bus Electrical class. It is good for the entry level or Apprentice mechanic. By taking this course you will learn to interpret common electrical terms, describe the characteristics of three different types of circuits, read a wiring schematic and learn the symbols related to them. You will also learn about automotive type batteries and basic electrical troubleshooting. The course will cover how to read and understand the functions of the voltmeter. This course will be approximately 6 hours in length.

Business Process Improvement

September 14- 15, 2016 ~ Everett

Collaborative Financial Planning & Performance: Understanding & Managing a Modified Balanced Scorecard The Modified Balanced Scorecard offers a defensible, clear, and transferable process for financial planning and strategic use of resources. With one major exception, this training session is an offshoot of the historical Total Quality Management movement and recent performance-based budget initiatives. The exception: We trimmed the fat and gleaned core components based on your evaluations and specific needs within the transit sector. This session will focus primarily on the action steps, motivational components and measurements, while enhancing ethical and necessary communication. This is not a lecture as participants will collaborate, support, and maximize a team process in defending a portion of their actual budget. We will also dissect recent and controversial financial failures highlighting how our strategy prevents avoidable and embarrassing mistakes. Participants will be exposed to a brief update on strategic planning and an overview of how a scorecard management system works. The majority of the session is dedicated to aligning transit and governmental financial activities to the vision of the organization. Participants will learn how to rapidly improve internal and external assessments by leveraging existing data to confidently justify use of public funds.

Verbal SWAT: Strategies With Authority & Tact

October 06, 2016 ~ Lakewood

A training seminar for employees in learning de-escalation skills while not compromising safety! This workshop will be interactive, educational and inspiring while challenging you on poor communication skills you may not even recognize you have. It will bring you a heightened awareness and knowledge in how to de-escalate a confrontational person while recognizing when your safety may be at risk and will leave you wanting to test your new skills! You will learn verbal self-management tools, understand both verbal and non-verbal communication cues and how they might be signaling that violence is about to occur, learn the A, B, C's of emotional control, engage in Proactive Pre-Interview Calming Strategies (PICS)and much more!

Accident Investigations Refresher - Spokane

October 11, 2016 ~ Spokane

This workshop will offer an overview of various techniques for conducting an at-scene investigation of collisions involving transit and other vehicles. The training will consist of identifying tools of the trade, analyzing damage and debris, and interpreting and measuring marks on the road. To better prepare participants in documenting collisions, there will also be instruction on constructing field sketches and taking collision photographs. This will be a one day updated version of previous collision investigation training sponsored by WSTTC. It is highly recommended that you have taken the full two day Accident Investigations course in order to attend.

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